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About Us

HONGKONG FU HAN INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED is a joint venture and qualified manufacturer of the most dependable standard CONVEYOR BELTS, Felt Belts, Timing Belts, and Flat Belts. Fortune Belting are compatible and interchangeable with most major manufacturer's conveyor equipment. Conveyor belts are made with pride in our factory located in Anhui Province, just west of Shanghai. Other industrial belts, like flat belts and felt belts are produced in our another mill located in Jiangsu Province. We are always committed to exceeding our customers' expectations by delivering all kinds of industrial belt products in a timely fashion at very competitive prices.

Customer Focused
We view our customers as partners, not for a single sale but for the long run. We are dedicated to make our belts meet customer¡¯s needs and work hard to incorporate those needs into our products.

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