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Conveyor belt

Fortune conveyor Belts, with single or multi plies, have a high application in various light, medium and heavy industries, including electronics, Food&Pharma, Bakery&Confectionary, Meat&Poultry, Packaging, Wood Working, Glass, Ply&Board, Automobile, Health&Fitness. Made from premium grade of PVC PU PE material & fabric plies, Fortune conveyor belts are happily being implemented and installed throughout various industries in China and other parts of the world.

Fortune Conveyor Belts properties are wide and varied and are all tailored to the technical demands of the working environments. Our technical staff can discuss this with you to advise the best solution for your requirements. We carry an extensive stock of materials allowing us to offer a fast turnaround whilst maintaining quality at a competitive price.

Fortune Conveyor Belts Cover layer can be made of PVC, PU, PE, Silicone, felt etc, and each cover material has its own specific characteristics, which include hardness, chemical resistance, oil and grease resistance, temperature resistance, thickness, colour, price etc. Fabric plies we are using most commonly: flexible fabrics, fabrics with (extra) lateral stability, fabrics for troughed conveyors, fabrics for round conveyor belts, low-stretch fabrics, non-shrink fabrics, anti-static fabrics, fabrics with low-noise properties.

Fortune conveyor belt PU/PVC/PE cover can be with or without a profile. If with a profile, please view the most best-selling ones as above, and both the topside and the bottom side of Fortune conveyor belt may be provided with a profile. Kindly note: For all PU/PVC/PE conveyor belts, Profile Pattern can be also designed just as per the user's requirement.

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