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PU Conveyor belt

Fortune PU belting is applied in various food processing industry throughout the world. Fortune PU Food-grade multi-ply conveyor belting is suitable for conveying edible products such as meat, grain, baked goods, snacks, and candy.

Fortune PU belting can have special features that optimize performance when conveying specific kinds of food, such as a low-friction coating that helps sticky candy slide off the belt. It has various ranges of hardness, smooth/rough finish and reinforced flat belts with a unique combination of characteristics of high strength, low elongation and high flexibility.

Fortune PU cover is a non-porous and chemically inert material, which is particularly suited for food conveying industry applications.

Colors : White, blue, transparent, black and blue-green

Width : 2,000 mm (3,000 mm for certain belt types)

Thickness: 0.8mm~6mm

Fortune PU belts has the below outstanding properties:

+  Excellent Wear Resistance

+  Excellent resistance to animal, vegetable and mineral fats.

+  Superior cut, tear and abrasion resistance

+  Odor-free, Free of any Plasticizer; Health and direct food contact.

+  Low maintenance, Dimensional accuracy

-   Low resistant to hot water, chlorine and to many organic solvents

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