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Fortune belts General Questions
How is the quality of Shanghai Fortune belts?
Shanghai Fortune belts are quality-tested and produced according to the strict standards of ISO 9001:2000, GBT 23677-2017, GB T 524-2007.
Can I obtain a sample of belt from you?
Yes, you can. We are happy to send it out for evaluation.
How do the products reach me?
By air, by sea or by courier all is ok. It is up to the clients.
Why are your prices so good?
We are leading manufacturer by oueselves, without profits shared by third party. It then allows us to pass on the discounts we can secure.
Do you have specific tolerances you work to?
We have a set of dimensional tolerances that we are happy to provide upon request. We ensure the highest quality at all times.
Do you have any external or field-based Technical salespeople who can help with my belt requirements?
Yes, we have field-based sales representative who has a vast knowledge of conveyor belts to help assist you. Just email us your questions to
What is the proper way to store a belt in inventory?
To prevent belting material from developing camber (swing), rolls should be stored off the floor in a dry area. They can be suspended on a bar placed through the center of the roll or placed on a pallet or skid to keep the material off the floor. Rolls should NOT be stored on their edges.
Is there a minimum order? Do you charge a handling fee?
There is no minimum order amount.
How can I place an order?
You may place your order via email, fax, or by phone.FAX -Fax in your Purchase Orders 24 hours a day to 0086-21-61425026
Phone - Call us to place your order at 0086-21-61425027.Email  -
What type of payments do you accepts?
We accept T/T, letter of credit.
What are your business hours?
Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
For more information, please Contact Us.
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