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Flat belts

Fortune Flat belts are available as per the industry standards and in recommended specifications. Fortune Belting provides extensive array of Flat Transmission Belts at industry leading prices.


Fortune flat power transmission belts is made with high grade oriented nylon cores of different strength classes and are offered with a variety of cover combinations:

- rubber / fabric - leather / fabric

- rubber / rubber - leather / leather

Our belts feature proprietary rubber materials with unique performance characteristics, and for our leather belts we use only high density chrome and vegetable re-tanned leather for superior performance. Shanghai Fortune Flat Transmission Belts include both sides belts and single side belts. We also offer belts with grooves for high load and power transmission requirements.

Main performance characteristics:

l High transmission efficiency over 98%, High transmission speed more than 60m/s.

l Excellent antistatic, Oil and chemical resistance.

l Excellent flexibility with high tensile strength and minimum elongation

l High abrasion-resistance friction covers for long service life.

l Different surface structures for maximum performance under normal and adverse running conditions.

P series: Highly efficient power transmisssion belts suitable for both light and medium drives in all industries. Installled as conveyor belts in graphic arts industries.

Z series: Highly efficient power transmission belts suitable for both medium and high power drive. Recommended for pumps, ventilators, mixers, rolling-mills, turbines, saws for marble etc.

LT series: Belts with chrome leather driving surface. Suitable for conical drives, drives with belt shifters, crushers, paper mills.

LL series: Belts with double chrome leather covers. Suitable for multiple drives and cross drives.

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T series: Highly efficient power transmisson belts are designed specially for tangential drives in the textile industry. The high-quality features are: quiet running, antistatic, optimum grip, energy saving, resistance to abrasion, heat, oils and dust.

DG series: Highly efficient power transmisson belts of double rubber faced belts have special elastomers which maintain continuous frictional values. Suitable for folder-gluer machines, tube winders, post office machinery and in the graphic arts industry etc.

F series: Efficient power transmission belts suitable for light drives and conveyor belts.

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TE flat belts with characters of high efficiency, low elongation, energy saving, size stable and long service life are suitable for the machinery with high speed and short tension devices, being unaffected by fluctuation in ambient environment. These belts have been recognized by insiders as one of the most excellent high-tech, up-to-date flat belts.


Used as tagential belts for long Ring Frame, Open-End Spinner, Two-for-One Twister, Fiber TFO Twister and other flat power transmission belts in other industries.



Elastic belts for blower tapes in new Compact Spinning. Also suitable for letters distribution and sorting conveyors.



Used as spindle tapes for high speed Ring Frame and Twister, reducing energy consumption up to 7%, compared with traditional nylon tapes.



Used as a group of tapes for conveying paper and cardboard in Printing and packaging industry. Suitable for high speed and small roller diameters.


Owing to the varying demands of the customers, we offer large array of Endless Flat Belts to our clients. These belts are the molded true to size belts incorporating fibre glass, polyester, steel or KEVLAR cords as reinforcements. Our products are available in different thickness with different traction material. One can achieve very high RPM up to 80,000 using these belts.

The requirements for a power transmission element which can withstand high loads, is elastic and dampens oscillations and impacts at belt speeds up to 100 mts or more: are fulfilled by Fortune High-Efficiency Flat Endless Belts.

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