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Special Processing Conveyor belt

Fortune Customized Conveyor Belts

Fortune conveyor belts can be fitted with multiple accessories:flights/cleats, tracking guides, compart sidewalls, fingers, waves and sealed/capped edges. And it can be delivered with the following finishing:Endless, with fasteners, open length or prepared for jointing.

Fortune Vacuum Conveyor Belts

Fortune Vacuum Conveyor Belts provide positive holding power for very light weight products, such as paper, plastic film and fabrics. Hole size and pattern can be modified to meet the applications you need. We can apply perforation according to your scheme in order to prevent the shift of products conveyed, to allow air flowing for cooling processes, or to allow the evacuation of powder or granules which has been created during processing.

Fortune Conveyor Belts with V-Guides

Fortune belting provides V-Guides conveyor belt for packaging equipment and many other applications demanding straight running belts. V-Guide profiles are also used as belt cleats or belt edge walls.

Fortune Sponge Covered Conveyor Belts

Also called Fortune Label Pressure Belt

Fabric cover offers good release and resists wear;the black sponge layer gives deflection;material Is available in other densities.

Applications: Labeling, Assembly, other Pressing.

Fortune Conveyor Belts with PROFILES

Fortune Conveyor belts equipped with profiles are used for the inclined conveying of bulk goods and small items. Profiles are available in various shapes and sizes, and in some cases can be supplied as roll material. Sidewall profiles are used, often in conjunction with lateral profiles, to contain bulk goods on the sides of the belt.

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